Voncronan Chihuahuas & Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd Puppies/Older dogs available

Tina Sunman - Australian Shepherds- 0466 838 378, [email protected]

No puppies available at the moment.

No older dogs available at the moment

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for a puppy or an older dog that we some times have available, please email [email protected]






While we will have puppies in the near future (both Chihuahuas and Aussies) please consider the content of your query.  We are receiving an abundance of people looking for puppies but as we limit our breeding, we will endevour to respond to every query, but a well worded query will be looked upon favourably.




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Voncronan Chihuahuas & Australian Shepherds

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Chihuahuas - Kylie Tilley - 0413 278 852

e. [email protected]


Aussie Shepherds - Tina Sunman - 0466 838 378

e. [email protected]


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